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The Fourth Day of Christmas

January 5, 2011

I’m not sure who made these mice — either my mother-in-law or grandmother-in-law. Both were talented seamstresses. Whoever made them, there are a whole village of mice, of which these three grace our tree every year.

On the top is Choir Mouse, apropos for our family because sis-in-law, hubby, daughter, son, and I have been in choirs at one time or another. The American Indian woman in the middle is holding a wee papoose, and while she is probably entirely inaccurate, she is also charming. And on the bottom is Santa Claus Mouse. There is a Mrs. Claus as well, I think. Putting the mice on the tree is always a reverent moment.

I hope to find the patterns for these mice some day. In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying all the incredible mice at House of Mouse. A Charles Darwin mouse! And Dr. Who! These people are amazing.

We will not even mention, much less discuss, the thriving population of real house mice in our house. So adorable. So annoying. But they won’t wear the little costumes. Ingrates.

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